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Introduce and encourage science and exploration to your daughter, even if you are not so inclined.

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Here is the video Transcription:

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure you can relate when I say that I don’t want my shortcomings to hold my girl back. And I know what you’re thinking… “Which one of your shortcomings are you referring to, Bethany?” Well, today I’m referring to my lack of knowledge and interest in science-y things. Not just the difficult physics and chemistry, oh no. I also don’t love being out in nature. I hate to admit it, but I don’t like bugs, flying insects, being hot or cold, mud, being dirty. You get the picture. So I wrote to Anna, the host of Gross Science, to see if she had any advice for me…

AND…she wrote back!

She was so encouraging. She said, and I’m paraphrasing, that her parents were a bit germaphobic and weren’t outdoorsy people. But they didn’t freak out when they saw bugs, they took her to parks and botanical gardens, and allowed her to explore and get dirty. One pivotal moment in her childhood was when she was given a slime chemistry set.

Also, and this is where you come in, she said she would talk to her science friends and work on a video for us! She asked that we pass on any additional questions. So, if you have any questions for Anna or questions about daughters and science, put them in the comments and I’ll pass them along.

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