My First Interview!

My first interview is with Jasmine Darland. I wanted to interview her because she had an extraordinary childhood and grew up to be a powerhouse for change at both international and local levels. We barely scratched the surface of all the topics we could talk about, so I hope she’ll let me talk to her again soon. In this 30 minute interview Jasmine speaks to me about her childhood and the values she was taught, growing up in a Waldorf community, menarche, teenage rebellion, teen interest in drugs, how we speak to girls and its effect on them, dating, sex-ed, activism, parenting, sacred women’s groups, and safe groups for girls. If you’d like to digest it in smaller bits, I have a playlist called Interview Clips: Issues Girls and Parents Face where you can watch the interview one topic at a time. Let me know what you think!

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About Jasmine:
I was raised in the Waldorf school movement and grew up with my two brothers in a strawbale house that my parents built with their own hands. My parents are philosophers, artists, educators, and idealists, and I defined myself by being a little more mainstream and conservative. I have a MA from Johns Hopkins, and I spent many years working with the Coast Guard in International Affairs, working with the global community to stop the trafficking of drugs and humans. Aaron and I were foster parents for years and have participated in parenting 6 young women, including the two who live with us now. I believe in utopia, and that anything and everything is possible. I am a student of community, of how we construct positive and supportive community around ourselves and our families. In addition to serving as Director of The Garden, Georgia’s first forest school, I am overjoyed to have recently received an incredible fellowship from the 500 Communities initiative to develop an ecovillage project in the Marietta area.

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